Masterlist of Preschool Ideas

1. Reading - okay, I'm a reading teacher. What did you expect to be #1?!?
2. Coloring - a total classic, but a great way to keep your hands busy and talk (as well as being creative)
          Don't just think crayons (although they rock), but branch out with 
          Colored Pencils
          And don't forget that you have many options other than coloring books
          Plain paper
          Construction paper
          Paper bags
          Scrap papers (like old receipts, used envelopes, junk mail - reuse, reduce, recycle:)
          Take out menus
3. Cutting - hand your preschooler a magazine and a pair of kid's scissors. Fine motor skills - check!
4. Shape punching - pick up some punches on clearance at a craft store. Great for writing muscles:)
5. Puzzles - help your child develop logic. (Tip: check out stores like Dollar General for cheap puzzles)
6. Bubble Wrap - throw some bubble wrap on a skid safe surface and jump! (Only with an adult present)
7. Sidewalk chalk - let your imagination go wild!
8. Lacing - you can find great lacing sets at toy stores or through Scholastic catalogs. #finemotor
9. Glitter paint - find small bottles of glitter paint at craft stores. Hard to squeeze = stronger muscles.