Saturday, June 9, 2012

Really, Rolling Stone?

Along with my husband came several magazine subscriptions, including the iconic music magazine Rolling Stone. I love good music - regardless of genre - so you would think that I would enjoy flipping through this periodical. I also assumed I would enjoy it and gave it an enthusiastic go. After a few months of slogging through its pages, I had to face the fact that I do not like Rolling Stone. I opine that it is simultaneously pretentious and pandering. It just tries way too hard to be cool.

I should not, then, be surprised that this month's issue has interviews with both Charlie Sheen and John Mayer - two men who spout quotes on the level of middle school bathroom graffiti. I read both articles. Frankly, my curiosity is stronger than my pride. John Mayer did have a blogging related quote that I thought was interesting. He said, "I don't Google news-search myself. It gives you this sense that the whole world is thinking about you, when really it's just, like, the Hindustani Times and a mommy blog."

You could take it the way he meant it - that neither your opinion as a blogger nor the Hindustani Times amount to anything important. But, since he himself recommended interrpreting things as you choose (which, honestly, seemed like a very thinly veiled attempt to cover for the fact that he had no idea what Kanye West is actually rapping about), how about we put our own spin on it?

John Mayer thinks your blog is just as important as the Hindustani Times! :)


  1. We love good music too.
    Charlie Sheen...oh man...that's probably the last thing I want to read about. No wonder you don't like RS.

  2. It is amazing that he knows what mommy blogs are. It don't know much about John, but I didn't think mommy blogs were a part of his interests.

  3. I haven't ever really like Rolling Stone. Hope you and little man are doing well! :D

  4. Mommy Blogs? Could he be any more demeaning? Well, I imagine yes, but ya'know...

    I love the name of your blog by the way, describes my life a little bit.

    I hate Rolling Stone too. Maybe I'm just not "cool". LOL


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