Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Basketful of Affordable Preschool Ideas (Under $30 total)

Simon's Stash is still an important part of my interaction with him. More than ever, since the arrival of Julian, Simon needs to have one-on-one quality time with me. Here is Simon's latest stash, along with a little cost analysis to show you how affordable it can be to grow your child's creativity and knowledge.  So many of the items are reusable that the actual cost of the basket is miniscule! (Reminder, I refill this basket weekly and we attempt at least one project per day).

First, a coloring project to create an alphabet banner. The banner came from Dollar Tree and the crayons came from Dollar General. Total cost: $3

Second, some really cool window markers. These came from Kohl's. They were on sale and I had a coupon. Total cost: $5

Third, stamps, stamp pads, and paper. The paper and two of the stamps were leftovers from when I used to scrapbook, so they will be declared "free" at this point. The ink and the other two stamps were in the clearance isle at Micheal's. Total cost: $4.

Four, supplies to make a collage. I have found that heavy duty paper plates work best for this project at the moment because Simon likes to use more glue that a normal piece of paper can tolerate. The plate came from a pack we bought for a party and the pictures were cut out of old magazines, so they shall be declared "free" .  The glue is from the Dollar Tree. Total cost: $1

Five, sidewalk chalk to be used on the front sidewalk and the privacy fence in the backyard. This came from Dollar Tree. Total cost: $1

Six, a Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle. This is a heavy wooden puzzle. Somehow the box got lost. Oh, well. More challenging for the brain = maybe we should lose more boxes. Total cost: $2

Seven, a bag full of Play Doh and Play Doh tools. This was a Christmas gift from a friend. Total cost: $0

Eight, the Boggle, Jr. game. This is a great game to foster early reading skills! I recommend it both as a mom and as a reading specialist. Simon thinks it is great fun. I ordered this from Amazon when it was on sale. Total cost: $10

Total Cost of Items I Purchased for Simon: $26

We have already enjoyed working the puzzle,

 coloring with the window markers,
and playing Boggle.


  1. love it and congrats on the arrival of your baby

  2. what a fantastic way to spend time with your bigger lumpy :) i bet he loves it!

  3. What a great list of creative projects to enjoy!

  4. Great ideas! Will definitely be using some of these items with my nieces!

  5. Angela, these are great ideas. I'm sure your son enjoys his alone time with mommy. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary


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