Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hot Water Cornbread

Here are a few things I cannot do:
1. Have potato chips in my house (because I have no self control and will eat the whole bag - yes, the whole bag - in one sitting)
2. Ride roller coasters (because I am olderish and no longer have the inner ear balance required to keep me from hurling)
3.Be aware of possible side effects

That last one is because I think I am a hypochondriac. Two days ago my neurologist prescribed a new prophylactic medication to treat my migraines. Said medication is a blood pressure medication which also helps with headaches. It is v, v safe for breast feeding mommies. The complication is that I already have so-low-I-verge-on-dead blood pressure. So, the doctor warned me that I might get dizzy, lightheaded, and tired.

Dude, why did you tell me that? Now I am dizzy, lightheaded, and tired and I don't know if it is because of the medicine or because I have talked myself into dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue (admittedly that last one may have something to do with the baby who went to bed at midnight and got up at 4:00). Do I call the doctor to say I am having side effects or do I tell myself to man-up and knock of the psychosomatics?

What, you are thinking to yourself, does any of this have to do with hot water cornbread? Well, nothing, really. Except that I was going to type out a recipe but decided that I am too lightheaded to accurately remember all of the steps so I will instead ramble at you about my medical issues and show you a picture of the hot water cornbread I ate yesterday at Kleer Vu in Murfreesboro.

Oh my gosh, it was so good! I don't actually understand how they make hot water corn bread and I don't want to know. I realize that no matter what recipe or technique I used, mine would never hold a candle to the crisp-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-middle, salty, sweet golden goodness that is Kleer Vu cornbread. Why even try to imitate it when I am a ten minute drive away from enjoying the world's most perfect version next to my plate of ribs, white beans, fried okra, and chess pie?

Back to the whole headache thing. The doctor says that if this doesn't work, I can try one other medication. And if that doesn't work, I can try botox. Seriously, botox. My dad thinks that idea is hilarious because he envisions me unable to make facial expressions like some over the hill Hollywood maven. I just think to myself, as someone who loves to cook and prides myself on the quality of my food, isn't injecting myself with botulinum toxin kind of ironic? Just, please, don't tell me the side effects.


  1. I'm smiling because I get the side effect thing too. Power of suggestion, LOL. I hope the meds work for you, my son gets occasional migraines. Terrible. Those corn cakes look delicious!

  2. Oh the power of suggestion... 'angela... you WILL purchase some of that delicious cornbread, get on a plane and hand deliver it to me!!'

  3. Oh I love # 3...I'm hypochondriac too!!!
    BTW these look delicious!

  4. Looks nice and tasty,my kids try to get me on roller coasters now way anymore lol :)

  5. The side effects of having a baby are that you become dizzy, lightheaded and tired. Been there!

    But seriously, I hope you find a cure for your migraines. That must be difficult to put up with.

  6. Honestly, I am the same way with medications! I took one recently that MIGHT cause tendonitis, mostly in people over 60. And I, of course, was sure I had it every day that I was taking it. You would think I know better, being in med school and all...but I don't.

    This cornbread sounds AWESOME!

  7. Angela, I vote for manning up and giving it a try for two months. Migraines are a nightmare! But about the cornbread - well, I've never had hot water cornbread. Guess my Southern grandma had her limits on fried foods!

  8. Cornbreads look awesome!
    Only one thing I cannot have Dulce de leche ! I can eat a tin
    Only I make when I have to cook something:)

  9. Can you believe that I have never had hot water cornbread? Yours look SUPER!
    Being "dizzy, lightheaded, tired" and migraines....well, I am not very sure which is worse....

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  11. Those cornbreads look delicious! I only suffer from headaches, thankfully. Migraines are terrible...




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