Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Bon-Bons

People are always complaining about how much food there is during the holidays. Everyday I hear someone moaning about the fact that she isn't going to fit into her jeans after New Year's or suggesting that we have "healthy treats", perhaps a "no food" gift exchange. People keep eating cookies and cake and turkey anyway - they just make themselves feel guilty while they are doing it.

Here is my take on holiday food - bring it on. I eat healthy, lean, raw, organic all through the year. This is my window - from Thanksgiving until Christmas - to raise gastronomic hell. I want all the cookies, all the gravy, all the pineapple drenched ham you can throw at me. I will be very penitent and extremely good on the 26th. Until then, let debauchery reign!

In addition to eating, I love to cook. I am in my kitchen almost every day during the holiday season, cooking up something sinful. One of my favorite Christmas confections is the red velvet bonbon. Years ago, a friend introduced me to these amazing little things. When she told me how they were made, I thought she was pulling my leg. Nothing that tastes this good should be so easy.  Here is how they work:

1. Prepare a box of red velvet cake mix according to the package directions.
2. After the cake has cooled, crumble the whole thing up with your hands. Mix in with a can of cream cheese frosting. Form the mixture into balls. Place the balls in a freezer safe container, stacking them with wax paper between layers.
3. Once the balls are frozen (after night works for me) dip them in melted almond bark and set them on waxed paper to dry. You can sprinkle them with colored sugar if you want to be extra fancy.

You will love them - your friends will be impressed. Just don't be like my friend and give away how easy they are - pretend they were ridiculously laborious and you were in the kitchen forever. Say they were from a French cookbook or that your Grandmother learned how to make them from a famous chocolatier. People will believe you.

Now, if you will excuse me, in the spirit of Christmas Eve - I am going to go play a little Vince Guaraldi and eat some bonbons.

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