Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weight Watchers

It is December 26th, which means that my focus must turn from high calorie decadence to reigning in my waistline. I gained five pounds during my month of debauchery, which means that I am 9 pounds overweight. I've been wanting to get a few pounds off anyway, so I decided that this is the perfect time to try getting a little bit of help.

One of my friends has been nagging me to try Weight Watchers ever since I confided in her that I am starting to feel a little pear shaped. She has been on the program since February and has lost over forty pounds. She swears that it is SO easy and that it will fit in easily with the relatively healthy lifestyle I try to live. Since it has obviously worked for her, I decided to sign up for the online program and see if it will work as well for me.

So, today is my first day counting points. So far, it seems to be going fairly well - of course, after only eight hours, I would assume most things would. The program really encourages fruits and vegetables, which I love! In honor of the new diet, I decided to restock my fridge. I braved the ice-encrusted roads today to make a trip to my grocery store to pick up some fresh produce.

New fruits both intrigue and intimidate me, and I decided Weight Watchers is a good excuse to try that ridiculously large looking fruit called pomelo. If you are not familiar with pomelo, it is a citrus fruit roughly the size of an average adult's head.  When I got the thing home, I started to panic about what exactly I was supposed to do with it! Thank God for YouTube. I watched this very helpful video, followed the directions, and came away with a giant plate of beautiful pink fruit.

I would describe the flavor of a pomelo as similar to a grapefruit. However, instead of leaving an acidic flavor in your mouth, the pomelo leaves you with a very nice strawberry taste on your tongue. I loved it! I will definitely be buying one again - especially since Weight Watchers says that it costs me no points whatsoever!

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