Saturday, January 15, 2011

Annie's Organic Shells and White Cheddar - 7 Points

This isn't exactly a recipe, but I wanted to share it because I was impressed at being able to have mac 'n' cheese for 7 points. Stone, the best friend, got sick today. It was not my fault! I did not share my cold with him; he has a stomach virus. I decided to cook for him since he has been so nice to help take care of me over the last few days. For lunch, he wanted mac 'n' cheese. I had a box of Annie's Homegrown Shells and White Cheddar.
I love Annie's because it is organic and it has an excellent, real cheese flavor. I noticed on the box that "Annie" suggest that you can use yogurt in place of the butter and milk. I decided it was worth a shot, so I mixed 1/2 cup fat free yogurt with the cheese powder before adding it to the noodles. It was fantastic! The yogurt added a tangy flavor that reminded me of a sharp cheddar cheese. Doesn't it look good?
I am not sure if this trick will work with other brands, but it is well worth a try. After all, a regular cup of boxed mac 'n' cheese will cost you 9 points. This will only cost you 7 and gives you the health benefits of yogurt instead of the health deficit of butter. Enjoy!

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