Friday, January 7, 2011

Egg in a Hat - 5 points

I am so far behind on my recipe blogging; going back to work has really put a kink in my schedule! So, you may see several recipes in a row with little or no explanation. I feel compelled to explain this one, because it is so simple and unglamorous that I don't want it it go unnoticed.

Egg in a hat is one of my favorite childhood breakfasts. My mother used to make this on the very rare occasion that we did not have pancakes and scrambled eggs. It was a huge treat to get my egg, with a deliciously runny yolk, all wrapped up in buttery bread and smothered in a delicious Gouda cheese.

As an adult, I rarely have the chance to make a real breakfast before work, so egg in a hat has become a comfort food supper. My nephew has also become fan, so it is a great meal to make when he is over. I was afraid that I would have to give this one up on Weight Watchers, and was very excited to find that - with the right ingredients - it can still be part of my diet.

Egg in a Hat
1 egg
1 slice high fiber white bread
1 slice low fat cheese (I used American, but mozzarella is also delicious - if you have the points, use Gouda)
salt and pepper to taste

1. Spray a small skillet with olive oil from a spritzer or a cooking spray like Pam.
2. While the skillet is heating over medium heat, use a biscuit cutter to cut a hole in the middle of the bread.
3. Place the bread on the pan - separating the circle from the remainder of the bread. Crack the egg into the cut out circle in the center of your piece of bread.
4. When the bread has browned on the bottom, turn both pieces of bread - careful not to break the yolk of the egg if you like your eggs over easy.
5. Salt and pepper the egg, top with cheese.
6. When the bread has once again browned, removed both pieces from the skillet to a plate. Top the egg with the toasted round of bread. If additional pepper is desired, sprinkle over egg in a hat.
7. Yields 1, 5 point serving

Click Click Culinary did a beautiful, heart shaped version of this sandwich that you can see here.

I served this with some amazing collard greens from Gina's Skinny Recipes, which you can find here.

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