Monday, January 17, 2011

Julia's Homestyle Bakery

Here is something I love about Weight Watchers: I can still eat cake! Now, I completely agree from a nutritional standpoint that the majority of my points need to go to lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I also agree that my extra points are best used for high point healthy fats like avocado and almonds. At the same time, I have been on diets that never, ever allowed me to splurge. I was miserable and grouchy and the diets didn't last. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle, and it is a realistic one. Which means, if I understand how to balance out my eating, I can still have my favorite high fat, high sugar foods every now and then.

Last week was Alanna's birthday, and I didn't get to celebrate because I wasn't feeling well. She came by today with a box from Julia's Homestyle Bakery containing the following items.

Chocolate Truffle Cake (for Alanna, my sister)

S'mores Pop (for me)

And a frog cookie (for Simon)

Oh, Julia's, I love you! But only every once in awhile;)


  1. Everything in moderation... totally my motto :) Thanks for your lovely comment on the Food Hound!! This place looks to die for! I've never made the 3-hour trip to check out Nashville (except for the airport!), but I'm soooo overdue!! It's shameful!

  2. You must come to Nashville! Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time at eateries in Nashville proper, but the Murfreesboro area has some spectacular places to eat.


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