Saturday, January 22, 2011

MexiVen, JoZoara, and Dating!

So, I started my day with a lovely Hummus and Tomato Pizza for breakfast. I enjoyed the reception at church without overindulging (veggies and fruit only) and returned home to reward myself with a warm bowl of Chicken Paprikash accompanied by a savory, delicious Roasted Cauliflower. A full day of YUM.

Tonight was best friend night (per my New Year's Resolution to have a night out with best friend Stone once per month).  I had a bunch of points saved up for this night, as Stone had chosen two of our favorite noshing locations for the evening.

First, we started at MexiVen, a fabulous restaurant run by a couple who are from Mexico (him) and Venezuela (her).  This hole in the wall eatery serves some of my favorite foods, like papusas, tortas, and fish tacos.  They also make fresh, fruity drinks that taste like tropical island getaways.

Stone ordered a grilled chicken torta, a fish taco, and a glass of horchata. Here is his plate:

My plate looked almost identical, since I ordered a grilled beef torta, a fish taco, and a glass of mango juice. (I got a ground beef torta, but that is my fault because I would insist on trying to order in Spanish even though my Spanish sucks.)

After we finished this completely amazing meal, we moved on to dessert at JoZoara, a funky coffee shop that sells handmade crafts, free trade coffee, pastries, and delicious lunches.  We split a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll because A) we ate a lot of food at MexiVen and B) I am a teacher and he is a librarian, so we are not rolling in cash.

It was over this warm, icing drenched pastry and bold cup of joe that we decided we are done with being friends. We have decided to date:)


  1. Wonderful meal and wonderful news - hope you both will be really happy.

  2. Food always has a way of bringing people together-- love it! So glad you had a fabulous meal, to boot! And never regret ordering in a foreign language-- it's the only way you learn!!

  3. What a fun adventure! I love the idea of doing a Best Friend Night! I rarely get to see my closest friends as we live in different cities :(

  4. Thank you for the comments. It was definitly a fun night out! I will keep working on my Spanish:)

  5. Loved ALL of this: I was born in Venezuela, so VERY excited about this new place for US to eat . . and THRILLED you included JoZoara in your evening! Keith and I were "best friends" in 1970 when we started dating and married in 1974 and wish you that wonderful adventure (whatever that means 30 plus years from now) Thanks again for including JoZoara from ALL of The Grounds Crew!


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