Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I know this is so cliche, but I do make New Year's resolutions every year. Some years I completely give up on them. That is usually because I have made completely unrealistic goals like, "Learn Chinese and travel to see the Great Wall" or "Run for at least an hour per day". Other years, when I am more down to earth, I have met goals like, "Read Great Expectations" or "Make the bed at least twice a week". With that in mind, I have tried to keep my resolutions for 2011 more on the realistic side. (There is a part of me screaming that this list is not challenging enough. It wants to add "Buy horse and become world famous rodeo queen." I am trying to ignore that voice.)

1. Get down to goal weight of 127. This will require weight loss of .4 pounds per week.
2. Log 130 workout hours (the equivalent of 30 minutes, 5 times per week). I chose total hours instead of times per week because I will inevitably be sick for at least a week and then feel like a failure for not exercising.
3. Make plans to do something special with my best friend once a month. We talked about it; I will plan one month, he will plan the next.
4. Take my nephew out to do something special at least once per month.
5. Go on two vacations. ( I really want three, but two seems more achievable).
6. Update blogs for a total of 5 updates per week.
7. Finish editing the book of short stories I wrote last year. Contact at least one agent.
8. Pay off the remaining loan on my car.
9. Say no more often.
10. Make time to do things that make me happy.
11. Make an effort to be a better person.

The last three bother me because they are ambiguous. However, I am going with them anyway because they are honest objectives.

Here's to 2011 resolutions! May I not screw up too much too fast.

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