Thursday, June 9, 2011

Central Dairy, Jefferson City Missouri

You may have been wondering if I was ever going to write about food again. Well, of course! In fact, I am going to write about some mind-blowing, world class food.

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. It is a lovely town of just fewer than 50,000 people. The capital building itself is impressive and it is fascinating to see where Lewis and Clark passed through on their famous exploration. Full as it is of history and entertainment, the very best thing about Jefferson City is Central Dairy.

Central Diary is the place my dad would get ice-cream as a kid. His whole life - no matter where we traveled- he always talked about Central Diary having the best ice-cream. And, honestly, he is right. You cannot get better quality for a better price than Central Diary. Even though it is now owned by Prairie Farms dairy instead of the family who established it many moons ago, the quality of the product has not suffered.

Okay, are you ready to see what I ordered? are the flavors from which I had to choose.

I chose to have a hot fudge Sunday with tiger tracks ice cream: golden ice cream loaded with chocolate coated cookies, decedent chocolate truffles, and stripes of fudge. The ice cream was every bit as delicious as it sounds. The hot fudge was thick, sweet, and perfectly heated. The nuts sprinkled on top were roasted pecans. It was heavenly. For $2.50. And, yes, that is a pint of ice cream.

My husband chose two scoops (aka a pint) of extreme moose tracks ice cream: dark chocolate ice-cream loaded with moose track fudge sprinkled with moose tracks fudge filled cups. It was out of this world good. You would think it might be a challenge to eat a pint of ice-cream in one sitting, but with a flavor that good - Stone had cleaned out his cup in under 10 minutes.

My only regret is that we were only stopping by Jefferson City and not staying for a longer visit. I could have done with a few more pints!


  1. Oh, yummy! I would have a hard time making a selection...but I certainly would try that tiger tracks ice sounds amazing...especially with hot fudge :) What a bargain~

  2. WOW! Love reading about places like this; they are usually so much better than the chains/

  3. HOLY CRAP! That's awesome. Both of them. Just totally 'yum'

  4. that your Dad went there when he was little. Have a great day.


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