Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coked Chicken - 4 points

I was so happy to find this in a German bakery in Helen, Georgia.

You may be thinking, "What makes you happy about powdered soup?" To answer that question, I would have to write you quite an epistle - complete with an ode to oxtail soup and a sonnet in praise of cream of asparagus. To spare you that, I will simply say that I grew up on powdered soups and miss them terribly now that I live in the US where Knorr doesn't seem to have much of a market.

I bought this soup powder for a very specific reason - to make Coked chicken. If you have wondered where my obsession with carbonated cooking began, it was with this recipe. My mother made this dish often for guests, sometimes using chicken and sometimes using beef. The guests  would inevitably praise it, take second helpings, and then ask my mother for the recipe. She would sigh, look at them gravely and say, "It is very complicated and takes forever!" Eyes wide, they would say, "Really? Well, how do you do it?" My mother's stoic face would break into a grin and she would say merrily, "Just kidding. It's coke and tomato soup." They never believed her.

Coked Chicken
8 chicken thighs, skinless
1 pkt cream of tomato soup
12 oz Coca Cola (I recommend buying Coke made with cane sugar not hfcs)

1. Empty tomato soup package into a shallow dish. Dredge each thigh in the soup mixture, turning to coat. Place thighs in a shallow baking dish.
2. Pour Coke over the thighs. Place dish in a 350F oven for 30 minutes or until cooked through.
3. Yields 8, 4 point servings

I love sharing my mother's recipes. She is a fantastic woman, and I was reminded of her today during VBS. My mother is wonderful with children - full of energy, ready to play. Today, during music time, the children were singing their booty shaking songs and having fun. Do you know what the vast majority grown ups were doing? They were talking or they were standing against the wall. They were not shaking it. Well, I was! I was having a grand time, and I didn't care a flip if people thought it was silly for me to get out there and dance with the kids. It was fun - it was what my mom would have done. And, tomorrow, when all of those people are still up against the wall - what will I be doing? That's right. I'll be dancing.


  1. Looks like a delicious recipe. Your mom sounds wonderful!

  2. I agree...your mom sounds like a truly special woman. And love these short cut, but delicious meals!

  3. Ohhh Knorr soups bring back so many happy memories from my childhood! We used to buy a few and take them with us while travelling! Growing up I have been quite a fussy eater (nobody would believe that now hahaha), so my parents would feed me that when I would not eat the local food! hahaha
    I had never thought if using them to cook tough! Genial idea, the chicken looks so yummy! Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman! :-) Can I dance along too???

  4. Lizzy - Thank you. I love quick recipes, too. We all need a few in our repertoire.
    Manu - I am glad to have made you think of happy memories. You are welcome to come and dance along! The more the merrier, I say!

  5. Your mom is special woman. This recipe looks dleicious even tempting for veggie like me.

  6. I've never heard of Coked chicken. Looks delicious!

  7. What a brilliant recipe! My mum used to cook with Knorr a lot too but I've never heard of this with coke. I've made ham with coke before and that was good so I must give this a try!

  8. hehe...didn't expect that you would love coked chicken ;-)) I like the use of knorr tomato soup powder in the recipe...saving you lots of preparation time.

  9. Wow, I'm really intrigued by the sound of this recipe! :o Coke and tomato soup together? But somehow I bet it works!

  10. I love these kinds of recipes!!! I'm saving this recipe and will buy a packet of soup next time I'm shopping!!

  11. Best. Music Video. Ever.

    Looks like a good coupling with one of your best mom recipes, ever :) I miss Knorr too. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, my mom will send me a care package full of Knorr mixes from Texas. She drives 2 hours to a Germany bakery to load up on goodies. :)

  12. It sounds really interesting. I bet the coke makes the chicken really tender.

    Love that video!

  13. Thank you SOOOO much for posting that video! We were seriously trying to think of who did it and the name of it this past Friday! All we could remember was that Christopher Walken danced through the whole video! (the SNL cow bell skit got us on him...then that video) Too funny that you posted it! :D

    The chicken looks tasty!!

  14. what a great idea- I bet it adds a ton of flavor!

  15. I love quickie recipes like this. Some days (actually, most days) I get too tired/lazy to cook a complicated meal. I could so do this! I have cooked with coke before but not with powdered tomato soup. Great idea! Thanks!


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