Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Osage Beach, Missouri

We drove a couple of hours north to visit with my dad's family. On our way, we passed through an area known as Lake of the Ozarks.

The lake is man made. It was created when the electric company built Bagnell Dam in 1929 and flooded a huge area, including the town in which my Grandma was raised..

 There are some fantastic pictures of the building of the dam if you click here.

The dam itself is very impressive and is surrounded by some beautiful wildlife.

The current from the turbines creates a large fishbowl. This enticing buffet attracts a bevy of heron.  

The "fish bowl" is filled not only with your average river fish, but also the 6-8 foot monster fish who feed on the smaller, trapped fish. We did our best to get a picture of one of them; it was at least 6 1/2 feet long. (Do not get too excited fishermen; it is forbidden to fish this close to the dam.)

Of course, most people do not visit Lake of the Ozarks to look at the dam. The lake is fantastic for boating and other water sports; there are several top notch golf resorts; and the streets are lined with fabulous cheesy stores and attractions.

The best attraction, in my opinion, is Osage Beach Premium Outlets - one of the largest outlet malls in the United States of America. There was no possible way for me to get great pictures and go into a shopping frenzy - so please bear with me. (I have to admit, my frenzy yielded only clothing and toys for my nephew. Is it a frenzy if you are buying presents?)

Of all the things I saw at the Osage Beach, this next one brought the biggest smile to my face. I have to believe this marriage is going to last. After all, when you take your wife shopping on your honeymoon, that has to be true love.



  1. Love reading you this morning and learning about your corner of the globe; great photos! that heron is so majestic.

  2. I think present shopping counts as a 'frenzy.' Too bad you didn't pick up a few things for yourself :) Beautiful country!

  3. What a great story to wake up to. My pup was chasing those majestic poor herons today.

  4. i love the fabulously cheesy shops. those are the best finds on trips like these.
    fun photos!

  5. Great to know about your trips..hope u had an excellent time..nice snaps..

  6. Nice clicks. Looks like a good trip.

  7. Absolutely loved the post..lovely photos too !


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