Monday, June 6, 2011

Alley Springs Mill, Missouri

If you Google images of Alley Springs Mill, you will have about a gazillion results. You can also find pictures of Alley on calendars, puzzles, post cards, and in coffee table books.

My parents moved back to Missouri a couple of years ago. Since Alley Springs Mill is just half an hour from their home, it is my mother's favorite place to take visitors.

I always enjoy trips to Alley with my mom because she has great stories of childhood church picnics around the mill. The water- which is freezing cold - was very inviting to boisterous youngsters on hot summer days.

There will be no swimming in Alley Springs at the moment, since the incredible amount of water that the Midwest has seen this year has the water deep and the current very, very fast.

Although I have visited Alley infrequently due to my continent hopping childhood, I always manage to see some sort of wildlife while I am there. I was quite unhappy to find a giant snake curled up on a rock next to me on one visit. This time I was very lucky and happened upon a giant snapping turtle. He is hard to see, but I promise he is there.

Any beautiful place is always a joy to share with those you love. The best part of Alley Springs Mill was sharing it with my family.


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  2. This looks and sounds like the perect spot.

  3. Looks like its a great place..nice pics..

  4. What a beautifu place. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing (and thanks for stopping by my blog).

  5. This's quite scenic! I would just love spending time watching wildlife by the stream or enjoying a picnic with family and friends in the beautiful garden.

  6. Lovely place, and you do have great memories of the place too:) I've always loved places with a meaningful nostalgic feel to it;)

  7. What a beautiful locale. I grew up in Iowa and have fond memories of canoeing with my family in Missouri...

  8. It does look like such a beautiful, peaceful place.
    *kisses* HH

  9. It looks like gentle Americana. Snakes and snappers and all. I have worked in MO - happily as a playwright and have loved my visits.


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