Saturday, January 21, 2012

Polar Bear Cookies

Simon has been learning all about winter and the arctic at school this month. To reinforce that, we have tried a few winter crafts and recipes. This week we made polar bear cookies. I found the idea here but modified it because the original ingredients don't work (three Hershey's kisses on an Oreo will not fit well).

We broke three Oreo cookies in half and placed the icing covered sides on our plate. Then, Simon gave them mini-marshmallow ears by smashing the marshmallows down in the icing. He added two chocolate chips for eyes and one for a nose. The results were cute, and he had done it all himself!

While Simon was eating his creations, we read two books featuring polar bears. First, God Gave Us You. This is the story of a mother polar bear explaining to her cub how parents anticipate the birth of a child.

Second, we read On the Night You Were Born. In this beautifully illustrated book, the whole world rejoices at the birth of a baby. Simon adores this book and is convinced it was written about him. Who am I to tell him otherwise? ;)

With my baby on the way, Simon has needed to be reassured that his arrival was also greatly anticipated - that just as much fuss was made over him. Add a bit of chocolate to that, and you have some great togetherness time. 


  1. cute cookies..great books for your son to read when expecting the arrival of a new member :)

  2. so sweet simon is your nephrew right? confused

    1. Stone and I now have custody of Simon:)

  3. Look absolutely delicious! gloria

  4. looks superb yar...feel like munching right now..;)
    Tasty Appetite


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