Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Foam

Last week, one of the crafts in Simon's stash was snow foam.  We had a ton of fun with it! In fact, Simon kept saying, "We're having so much fun! We're having a great time, aren't we?"

We mixed 1 cup of shaving cream with 1 cup of white glue to make our foam. Them, we finger painted on 12x12 sheets of sturdy scrapbook paper (salvaged from my pre-motherhood art supplies, which have all now gone to Simon).  We had great fun exploring the texture of the foam and drawing through it with our fingers and the cap from the empty glue bottle.

We ended up with a plethora of finished products - here is a sampling.

I love the one with our hand prints! We plan to do this again when we have friends over, since it was cheap,  easy to set up, and easy to clean up.


  1. Great idea...thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice week

  2. So much fun! It reminds me of doing crafts with my girls when they were small.


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