Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wild Horses of the Ozarks

I know, I know, you are wondering...what the heck is going on with your blog? Are you interested in food or preschool crafts and what is this horse nonsense? My apologies if I am a bit spastic - with two jobs, a 3 year old, a baby on the way, and a husband who works while attending grad school, I am intent on enjoying all aspects of my life and just sharing whatever is on my mind/camera. I suppose the name of my blog could be - The Many Facets of a Working Mom.

I came across these pictures and thought they were worth a share. These are from a trip to the Ozarks, more specifically to the Mark Twain National Forrest, in December. There were three herds of wild horses in the area. All of them are rumored to have originated during the Great Depression when farmers had to chose to let their horses go or watch them starve. We came across this herd grazing in a large field. They were lovely, and not shy of our car or camera.


  1. Wild horses - haven't seen them. And Ozark is a really cool name

  2. Wow. The final pictures. The white horses are so nice!


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