Friday, February 3, 2012

Panda Bear Craft ...and other fun with shaving cream

This was meant to be a polar bear based on this craft, but since I chose to make some changes, I feel that it ended up looking a bit more like a panda bear than a polar bear. This is in keeping with this week's theme for our stash, I suppose, since Simon is learning about Chinese New Year at school.

We started with:

Shaving cream
White glue
Two large black circles, cut from construction paper
Three small black circles, cut from construction paper
A "v", cut from construction paper
A circle of cardboard, cut from the back of a cracker box

We mixed 1/8 cup of shaving cream with 1/8 cup glue in our bowl, then had a lovely time smearing it all over our cardboard. Simon carefully placed the facial features on top. After a night of drying, this was our finished product.

The texture of the paint is fantastic, and Simon is fascinated with how it is dry but still a bit pliant.

After we had put our bear together, Simon still wanted to play with the shaving cream. I helped him spray it all over the table, and then we had fun writing our names in it and making a mess. (A mess that smells good and is easy to clean up.)

I used to do this when I taught preschool, until the powers that be decided the kids might try to eat it and dictated that whipped cream be used instead (which is only a good idea if you like children who smell of sour milk). I assure you that Simon ingested no shaving cream and had a lovely time.


  1. looks like fun love the glue and shaving foam mix, will give it a go

  2. They don't do shaving cream 'desk cleanings' in school anymore? I swear, the powers that be are taking all the fun out being a little kid. Sheesh. Y'alls panda is ace! Well done :)

    And pahleeeeeze expand on the evil Africa monkeys. I'm totally intrigued!

  3. so much fun... being silly (and perhaps taking a few risks) is what being a kid is all about!

  4. oh and also... who died from eating a little shaving cream...?

  5. Thanks everyone. I think there are definitely worse things one could ingest than shaving cream, and it does make the table nice and shiny. PS - in answer to your monkey inquiry, I shall tell you one of many disturbing stories. I had a friend who raised a monkey from a tiny baby. He fed it by hand and carried it everywhere on his shoulder. It was almost like a child to him. One day, when it was about a year old and grown to a good size, it suddenly turned on him. It was sitting on his shoulder at the time, so it attacked his face - ripping his ear off and lacerating his cheek. Thus, and for other such stories, I am not a fan of monkeys.

  6. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!!!! Okay. I don't like monkeys either

  7. What does the shaving cream bring to the mix, when mixed with glue? I am intrigued.

    1. The shaving cream stays puffy when added to the glue and is slightly pliant after drying. It is a bit like making your own puffy paint, but with a much better texture.


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