Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cheerio Bird Feeders

These were a great deal of fun and a fantastic way for Simon to practice his fine motor skills. I got the idea from Preschool Playbook.

We started with four pipe cleaners and a bowl of Cheerios (okay, not Cheerios, whatever cheaper, circular cereal we got at Aldi). I put a loop in the bottom of each pipe cleaner to stop the cereal falling off. Simon and I took turns threading cereal onto the pipe cleaners until they were full. We made a counting game of it. I put on five - he put on five. I put on six - he put on six, etc. I put a loop in each end when the pipe cleaner was filled.

Simon, with a bit of a lift, hung the feeders from our deck.

The birds haven't had a chance to get at them yet, since it has been raining all day. I am sure they will enjoy them once we get another bit of sun.


  1. nice and cute idea...birds will enjoy for sure..

  2. cute let me know if the birds like them

  3. What a great idea! I have alot of Cheerios I need to use! Thanks!!

  4. Those are cute! We like to put bird food near the windows so the cats can watch the birds - these are perfect!

  5. hey angela these are great. missed your site. creative idea :-)


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