Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chilled Cucumber Soup - 1 point

Would you hire this pianist? He knows all the words to "Bob the Builder" and "Scooby Doo".

I am still on liquids today, as my mouth is very sore from all of my dental work. Honestly, the crown was worse than the root canal! You would think that something called a crown would be pleasant. After all, I am a big fan of pretty jewelry. One of my friends told me to ask them to give me a gold tooth with my initials in diamonds. Do you think insurance would cover that? ;)

I don't mind surviving on a liquid diet when the liquids are thick, chocolate smoothies and refreshing chilled soups. Here is a cucumber soup that elevates that humble vegetable to a whole new level.

Chilled Cucumber Soup from 1000 Vegetarian Recipes
2 medium cucumbers, peeled and seeded
1 small onion, quartered
1 cup water
1 cube chicken bouillon
1/2 tsp dried dill weed
1 cup fat free milk
1 tsp vinegar
1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

1. Place cucumbers, onion, water, bouillon, and dill in a food processor or blender. Cover and blend until smooth.
2. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and blend until combined. Chill.
3. Yields 4, 1 point servings

I followed some advice from Rebecca and read this interesting article on food blogging. It was eye opening for me. Here is what I feel concretely, which was reinforced after reading this article: the two best things about blogging are the creativity it allows me and the truly amazing people I "meet". I appreciate each and every one of my followers, I love your comments, and I am blessed to read your posts. If I had the technical skills, I would create a BEST FOLLOWERS IN THE WORLD award for you!

David Lebovitz mentions photography and gives some tips. One of my favorite "uncles" happens to be a fabulous, globe trotting photographer. A recent article compiled some of his tips. I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in seeing more of his photographs, he has an excellent display from a recent trip to Australia. Just click here. (Truly, I am so proud of him! Can you tell?)

David Lebovitz says I shouldn't give you so much text without a picture and that I should showcase the culture in which I live. So, here is a picture of some lovely Tennessee horses.  Ya'll come back now, ya hear?  


  1. It's not quite warm enough for chilled soup in my book, but I didn't just have dental work, so I can't say anything. A tip from when I had my wisdom teeth out? Make a brownie smoothie- puree a brownie with milk in a blender. You'll wish you always had to eat pureed stuff :) Love the pic- I can practically hear the banjo playing...

  2. I'll file this one away for looks so cooling and refreshing...I bet it was perfect for your poor mouth =( I don't envy you there! I read that article by David Lebovitz,'s such a great guide! (oops...there I go using too many exclamation points) LOL, have a great day!

    p.s..I left a note in the comments at my place, but in case you don't see it, the brand of my waffle maker is Grand Gourmet!

  3. Ok, I just tried to submit and it erased so sorry if I did this twice...

    I loved this post...the horse picture at the end - perfect! I read David's post too :)

    Your soup looks wonderful...I love the combination of cumcumber and dill and I know it is refreshing for sure!! Hope your mouth feels better :)

    I have one of those pianists too - they would make a great (noisy) duo for sure!!!

  4. I am noting this for when the cukes come in. I am still in comfort mode in MN, but I must say I adore chilled cucumber soup and nice to find a recipe that won't break the calorie bank!

  5. I have never had a cold cucumber soup before...would it be too cold for the teeth? My teeth usually complained if I ate cold food.

  6. He is adorable! Your soup sounds very soothing; hope you feel better real soon.

  7. Thanks everyone.
    Food Hound - Brownie smoothie. Um..YES! That sounds incredible.
    girlichef - I really appreciated the info. I need a new one for sure.
    Design - they should get together and jam. It could be the cutest little band ever
    Claudia - I bet you are ready for some warmer weather up there. I have a cousin in International Falls; reading his letters freezes me.
    Angie - the tooth has actually felt fine since the root canal - it is the jaw and gums that are sore. Now that the crown is on, I can eat most foods, but I am still being cautious.
    Rita - thank you for your good wishes.


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