Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break in Helen, Georgia, Part One

I am having a lovely vacation with my family in Helen, Georgia! I thought I would go ahead and upload some of my photos. Looking forward to catching up on the blogosphere when we return home.

Sonic on the way...
Sonic has four hot dogs on special right now, and we decided to try a couple. This is the New York dog. It has my favorite hot dog toppings- kraut, onions, and mustard.
This the Chicago style dog, minus the relish. It was also quite tasty.

View of the Chatahoochee from our balcony...

Hofbrauhaus in Helen...

Hofbrauhaus ended up being our favorite German restaurant in Helen. They serve a fantastic spinach salad with a garlic, dill dressing that is worth every, single calorie. 

Haufbrauhaus also has a spaetzle with cheese sauce that brings spaetzle to a whole new level.

German potato salad- the only potato salad I want on my plate!
Relaxing in the room...

Taking Simon to the City Park...

And at the resort...
My first prime rib...

Babyland General Hospital...

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve...

 Some sweet treats...

Cookies and cream fudge.


  1. I LOVE ZONKIES!!! They are so cool with their zebra legs :) Looks like a great time! Great pics!

  2. Living vicariously - please send spring north.

  3. I love your photos; was that a lobster or shrimp roll. Wishing you a fun vacation.

  4. wow... look at all the fun you're having... and good food too, which is most important!

  5. Look like your are having wonderful time. enjoy time with your family. nice clicks.

  6. It seems you're enjoying your time. Oh, btw, your last photo, is it a steamed bun with red bean paste? Looks delicious.

  7. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy the rest of your time away!!!

  8. Sorry for the confusion about what the pics were showing; I've added captions in an attempt to clear things up. We are back home, doing tons of laundry and trying to get back to normal:)


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