Saturday, February 26, 2011

Resolution Round Up February

It has been 2 months since I hopped back on the healthy wagon after my holiday hiatus. So, it is time for my Resolution Round Up.

1. Get down to goal weight of 127 pounds. Starting weight: 149.5, so -22.5 pounds. About ½ pound per week.

My weight on Friday (weigh in day) was down to 140 – a loss of 9.5 lbs so far and 3.5 pounds since last RR. Looking at it from a purely mathematical standpoint, I am doing well and am ahead of my goal. I have also received many positive comments from friends – including one friend’s husband who told me, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look hot!” (My friend was right there and thought it was hysterically funny.) The problem is that I don’t see any change in myself. To be honest, I don’t see much change in myself since 73 pounds ago – I still look in the mirror and see the Michelin man. Which makes me think that I need to start doing some serious psychological work on myself, since my view of myself is not matching what others tell me they see.

Here I am, last night, before trouncing Stone at UpWords (best board game ever)…

2.      Log 130 workout hours (the equivalent of 30 minutes, 5 times per week). I chose total hours instead of times per week because I will inevitably be sick for at least a week and then feel like a failure for not exercising.

This month I logged 23.5 hours, which gives me a total of 40.2 hours for the year – far ahead of my goal. I tried several things to mix it up this month, but I am still mainly using my wiiFit for exercise. I did add about 20 minutes a day by creating these little cards after searching the internet for “exercise at your desk”.

In each of my classes, I take periodic breaks and let my kids take turns picking a card from the deck. Each card describes an exercise that is suitable for the classroom. We spend about 3 minutes per class doing the exercises. I have noticed that some of my more challenging students have really calmed down since we started this and many of them have started to talk more seriously about being healthier.

Because I have tried to concentrate on burning fat, I have been doing a lot of aerobics. This means that I have been doing a lot of jogging around the house and step aerobics and such. There is a downside to this that I did not foresee. In the last month, I have lost ½ an inch off of each arm, ½ an inch from my bust, ½ an inch from my waist, and ½ an inch from my hips. I have, however, gained an inch on each thigh!!!! Yes, I know it is muscle. I don’t care. It means they are bigger and that ticks me off. Since doing those measurements, I find that I am very unmotivated to work out.

 Make plans to do something special with my best friend once a month. We talked about it; I will plan one month, he will plan the next.

We had a lovely and eventful night out last week! Here is another glimpse of Amy Grant with Michael W. Smith at the Ryman...

4.      Take my nephew out to do something special at least once per month.

We had a lovely month. We spent a lot of time together being artistic. We had our little pizza date, of course. Also, we went to Barnes and Noble to enjoy story time in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And, we went to the ultimate toddler paradise, Chuck E. Cheese!

5. Go on two vacations. (I really want three, but two seems more achievable).

I take my first one this year in less than a month! The countdown has started! The destination... Helen, Georgia.

Update blogs for a total of 5 updates per week.

Obviously I have managed this! I have so enjoyed blogging and reading your comments. My very favorite recipe from this month was Cornish Game Hens in Cranberry Sauce. It was so delicious, I could eat it daily.

Here is another happy food that I will give you the recipe for when I get the chance. Stir fried broccoli...

Finish editing the book of short stories I wrote last year. Contact at least one agent.

I finished editing it last month and have been typing up the edits (I have to edit on paper). I have 176 pages of 225 edited in the computer. I grow more and more apprehensive the closer I get to the next step. I am now convinced that my writing is terrible and that I should burn the whole book. I think that is probably quite normal.

8.      Pay off the remaining loan on my car.2,792.61 which I owe to a relative who does not ask me to make regular payments.

 I managed to make a payment of 192.51 in January. That puts me still owing 2600.10.  Still a very large chunk of money, but at least it is less than it was.

Say no more often.

Doing better, bit by bit. This applies to many areas of my life. For instance, I bought this bag of doughnuts and apple fritters and gave every single one of them away.

Make time to do things that make me happy.

I am working at finding out what exactly makes me happy. Time with family – definitely, and I enjoyed a lot of that this month. I also started scheduling more meetings for the club I sponsor at school and am enjoying the wonderful students who come together to talk about health and fitness. I would like, this month, to find a bit more time for some of the friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

Having this on my finger makes me happy...

Make an effort to be a better person.

My hardest resolution. Baby step by baby step, I am trying.

Thank you all so much for the support you give me! This blog is one of the best self improvement tools I have.

Special thanks to Mateja, the Food Hound, and Ann for choosing to give me awards this month. All three of their blogs are fabulous! Please visit them.

I was tickled pink when my favorite Diva featured one of my recipes on her blog. It was a thrill to be spoken of kindly by someone who inspires me so much!

It was an honor to be included in two of Tiffanee's Friday Favorites! She always makes my mouth water with her list of yummy recipes from delicious blogs!


  1. Congrats Angela. I'm right there with you - although your workouts for surpass mine!

  2. well done you... keep up the hard work... what you're probably suffering from is a small case of body dysmorphia... I was overweight all my life until about 10 years ago when I lost a lot of weight... and I still think I look fat in front of the mirror but I think this came from obsessing about it all my life... just think of the inches lost, rather than the weight... and all the new clothes!

  3. Congrats on your success. I've been trying but not as awesome as you.

    Plan B

  4. What great goals and you are doing incredible!! I am amazed and inspired to do the same. Monday begins D day for me or should I say lifestyle change haha!! Would of loved to have gone to that concert with you. Thanks for being an inspiration and for the shout out. You are so sweet!!

  5. You are doing so great - I am so proud of you for your weight loss! That is not always an easy thing when you write a food blog. I'm inspired to get back to my treadmill workouts!

  6. Angela, thanks for the shout out. What a wonderful plan you have. You're doing great. Keep up the good work. Blogging can be so therapeutic, don't you think?

  7. Yes, Ann, it is. I had no idea how many lovely blogs and fabulous people there were on the internet:)

  8. You made me cry, young lady. Let it be said that crying is sometimes a good thing. It is really hard to change one's lifestyle and it sounds like you are on the 'yellow brick road' I applaud that. Keep at it. I love that you have found ways to motivate yourself ... have at it! XXOO Come back to visit me! I want to know how you are doing!

  9. Woooohoooo for you Sweetie~~~You Go Girl.. Your looking beautiful I must add...I've been on mine since last April. My, eating plan. I lost it kind of fast though and please, don't get like me either, I tend to NOT eat off of my plan which means my Super~Hubb's doesn't have to share pizza with me anymore. hahahaha, he says he miss'es me eating normal with him.. But I sooo like that I lost 50 lbs.. I've been known to take my weight loss to the extreme. But I'm soooo lovin my yogurts still. I stay motivated by simply looking at the older photos of me from a year ago to those of now.. but I do have a few more wrinkles now too. :0( ya just can't win ya know ;0)
    Take time to enjoy some of your favorite foods still, OK...Don't be like me...Staying away from so many of them. At leaset this time around, I eat good foods. Yrs ago I just wouldn't eat but an apple here or there. Now that was bad..So, Kudos to you Sweetie!!!
    Blessings and Hugs Dena
    Sorry for the short novel btw..

  10. wow powerful post you look great be proud of yourself your such a great person love the ring


  11. You are doing great, keep it up, and off!! HA
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. You are amazing! I love how you broke down your goals and reported on each one. When you look back on this, it will be so inspiring. Looks like you are going in the right direction, keep up the good work!!!

  13. Congrats on all your achievements (clap, calp, calp) and you are welcome; you deserve all your awards for I love reading your blog! Have a great Sunday :)

  14. You are skinny Angela!!

    I really admire all you have accomplished already ..... well done.

    Keep the recipes coming I love them!


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