Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broiled Tofu - 2 points

One quick, delicious menu while I work on my menu plan Monday post!

Broiled Tofu
14 oz firm tofu
salt and pepper

1. Cut tofu into sticks.
2. Place the tofu sticks onto a pizza stone or baking tray. Spray with kitchen spritzer.
3. Place the tofu under your oven broiler until golden brown.
4. Turn the tofu and spray again with a kitchen spritzer.
5. Return tofu to oven. Broil until golden brown.
6. After removing tofu from the oven, add salt and pepper to taste.
7. Yields 4, 2 point servings


  1. Healthy protein packed dish. Love it.

  2. Very healthy dish - being Chinese we usually stir fry it or make it in a Chinese salad, but I shall definitely try putting it in the broiler :)


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