Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steamed Corn on the Cob - 1 point

I know that this recipe is ridiculously easy - but some of the best recipes are. I love corn on the cob. I'm not going to lie and say that I don't like it dripping in butter - I do. Butter will cover up a multitude of sins from overcooking to bland corn. Now that I only use a few spritzes of spray butter, I need my corn to taste really, really good - perfectly cooked. I want those kernels to pop when I bite down on them, and I want the flavor to be left in the corn, not cooked out into the water.

Here is my favorite method for perfect corn on the cob.

Steamed Corn on the Cob
4 large cobs of corn, cleaned and cut into 3rds

1. Place the cobs into an 11x9 inch glass pan.
2. Pour water into the pan until depth reaches 1/2 inch. Cover the pan with foil.
3. Place the pan into a 400F oven for 30 minutes. Drain immediately upon removing from oven.
4. Yields 12, 1 point servings

Someday, I think I might add another blog or some posts focusing on literature. After all, I am a reading teacher and book nerd. I finished three books this week. Mr. Peanut, by Adam Ross. I read this because Mr. Ross is a friend of a friend. It was about men who want to kill their wives. It was well written, and I can see why it received so much praise. It was also quite depressing. There was not a single truly sympathetic character in the whole book.

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, by Paula Danzinger. I have read this one many times. If you are woman who has struggled with your weight, you should read this book. It is adolescent lit, and reading about how Marcy's friends and family influence her body image is very enlightening.

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, by Bette Bao Lord. This was another re-read. It is a semi-autobiographical book about a little girl who immigrates to New York from China. I love the stories about Shirley, the main character, attempting to embrace her new home without losing her cultural traditions. Jackie Robinson becomes her hero, in part because he is embarking on a frightening but exciting journey - playing on the newly integrated Dodgers - just as she is on her own journey of self discovery.  

I would love to know what you are reading:)


  1. mouth watering!:)one my favorites dishes!:)

  2. Absolutely one of my favorite dishes! I want to pass on a Stylish Blogger Award to you.
    Come over to my blog to pick it up.

  3. I am going to try this method of cooking corn. I love its simplicity and it would be a wonderful way to feed a gang. I'm currently reading Julia Child's My Life in France. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  4. I usually make either roasted corn or steamed one, both have lot of fan in our house. I cant read much nowadays as little one wants to read same book ,

  5. I love corn! One of my absolute favorites. I remember reading Paula Danziger when I was younger. I read lots of fantasy books - right now I am reading the Wheel of Time series.

  6. I just finished Water for Elephants - it was a lovely book. The corn looks delicious.

  7. I thought corn was 0 points on WW Point Plus! Either way it sounds delicious!

  8. Thanks everyone! I've read both Water for Elephants and My Life in France with my book club. Lively discussions for both. I have not read the Wheel of Time series. I will have to look that up. Jessica, most fruits and veggies are 0 points, but corn still has a point value because of its high sugar content.

  9. I adore corn on the cob! Beautiful!


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