Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Simple Fish with Tomatoes and Onion - 4 points, Date Night

First, a simple but delicious recipe for fish.

Simple Fish with Tomatoes and Onions
1 large onion, sliced
2 large tomatoes, sliced
4 fillets tilapia, 4 oz each
seasoning salt to taste
salt and pepper to taste

1. Place onions in the bottom of a cast iron skillet or baking dish. Place in a 400F oven for ten minutes.
2. Layer tomato slices, salt, and pepper on top of onions. Return skillet to the oven for ten minutes.
3. Top tomatoes with fish fillets and seasoning salt. Place in the oven for a final bake of 10-15 minutes, until fish is cooked through.
4. Makes 4, 4 point servings

Now...for date night. Last night Stone and I had a night out. We took the short trip to downtown Nashville. Our plan was to go to a great little cafe for dinner, but they were inexplicably closed. So, we stopped by freshii instead. You won't see me talk about chain restaraunts often becuase I much prefer to patronize independent restaurants where the personality of the chef can truly shine. However, I do love freshii and their fab commitment to the environment. So, I will show you my bowl of delicious rice noodles, grilled tofu, chopped almonds, bean sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, and spicy lemon grass sauce:

Stone's wrap of romaine, Buffalo chicken, diced tomatoes, celery, carrots, jack and cheddar, and low fat ranch dressing:
And our frozen yogurt with granola and reeses pieces:

That is, by the way, the best frozen yogurt in the world. Super tangy, fat free, probiotic yogurt.

Then we hopped on over to the Ryman (former home of the Grand Ole Opry) to see Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith - a present from my parents.

Yup, that's all we did.

But, wait, you say to yourself. In the picture where Stone is holding his wrap, is that a ring on his left ring finger? Did they possibly also stop by the courthouse? Do their friends and family think that they are completely insane? Have they known each other for fourteen years and think that they know what they are doing? Are they over the moon happy in love? The answer to all of those questions is...yes.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Stone!!!!!! SOOOO excited for you both.

  2. This dish sounds like a total winner. Quick, easy, and delicious.

    And I'm totally with you on the froyo toppings. I approve.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you both :) Glad you enjoyed your date night!!

  4. I am sure you had a great night out. Super easy super yummy dish!

  5. Oh yum! this fish recipe is basically the same one we use when we go camping and catch fish except that it all goes in a foil pack and onto the grate over the camp fire. The fish is steamed so beautifully!

  6. Congratulations! And the fish - I make that twice a month. And never feel deprived. And it's worth saying it a second time - congratulations!

  7. Congrats to you and stone. Looks like awesome dinner.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS - fantastic news!

    Wishing you every possible happiness (and plenty of happy eating together!)


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