Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunnies

"If you do not tell me how adorable the bunny is, you do not get to eat him!"

Those were my instructions today to a class of hard working teenagers who were the recipients of my second Easter bunny cake today. They all giggled and told me that my ridiculously goofy looking cake was cute; and they were all very gracious when they were served and while they were eating. I love my job...I have the best students.

I haven't planned my Easter dinner yet and, apart from the wonderful recipes I have seen on some of your blogs, I haven't even done much looking through ideas.  I did, however, need to make something for Simon to take to school for his Easter party. Since my schedule is insane at the moment, I went to the Betty Crocker website and chose something that looked fast and easy.

Even though they were not elegant and they wouldn't wow anyone with the intricacy of their structure, these cakes were fun to make! They were very, very easy and I think they would perfectly suit if you are looking for something with which your kids can help. You can find the directions here if you are interested.

Here is a flashback to the cake I made for Simon at Christmas.
And even further back to Halloween.

Now for the rest of Easter... I am at a loss. I have let my plate get overloaded and have left the planning to the last minute. Now I am feeling extremely guilty for not having designed an elaborate menu. I love Easter - Lent is my favorite season - the tenebrae service tonight brought me to tears. I don't want to disrespect this holiday by failing to give proper planning to our Easter meal. I must come up with something between now and Sunday!  I just have to figure out when that will happen between the church services, the egg decorating, the Easter egg hunt, the birthday cooking, the present wrapping, the birthday party, the Aunty craft project, the quinceneara, the paper grading, the lesson planning... and, well, that is probably enough stressing for one night.

Funny, after all of that, I actually feel better. Easter will work out and through it all, I will remain very blessed. And, in my blessings, I count the opportunity to share through this blog and to get to know all of you.


  1. cute little bunnies.. very pretty , i bet it tasted good.. Happy Easter..
    Let us know what u have planned ?

  2. I have to say how cute the bunnies are! How fun for your students. I love the other cakes also. They are all creative and cute!! I am also at a loss for my much anticipated Easter dinner. Life has overwhelmed me lately. I need to get it figured out also! Happy Easter!!

  3. Happy Easter! These cakes look beautiful! I would want to eat those cute bunnies too! Lucky students!

    Just letting you know also that I have uploaded the photos of my scrolls on my blog, now you know what they look like too!

    FYI they taste as great as they look!!! :)


  4. Angela I just loved your post; you have no idea how many great memories you brought back. With 4 sons, I loved making cakes like these. Any yes your bunny cake is adorable; now do I get a taste?
    Happy Easter weekend.

  5. Cute cakes! Yum! I'll take two pieces, please!

  6. What an adorable bunny,so funny and yummy.

  7. How lucky are your students and Simon. Us Mums always have to be the one to stress out and do everything. Am just planning to do a roast for Easter Sunday to simplify things. Hope you do get to enjoy yourself.

  8. The cakes are delightful!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  9. Awww, how adorable the cakes are! Even if they were offered to me, I wouldn't have the heart to eat them...Happy Easter!

  10. These cute bunnies, it is really hard to eat them though. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. Awww, what adorable bunnies.

    Happy Easter to you!


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